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  • Malu Baumgarten


Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I gave you the key and the thread for the labyrinth

revealed to you the path to the monster’s secret chamber

showed you the slaying sword and the way to my heart

followed you to the unknown island.

Under warm rain I lay onto the flowers, fearful and ready

You loved me sweetly and walked away as I dreamed,

your love for the slaying larger than the call of my body,

asleep and sad, dressed in rain and crushed petals.

Argonaut, you left me to die of hunger and grief,

alone in the unknown island, as night fell wet and warm

on these limbs that met love and desertion under that same sky.

You had no joy of me.

Now it’s the devil I love,

he found me sobbing under the stars by the sea,

wailing your name, O slayer of monsters.

He covered me with his mantle and dried my drenched hair

drenched me with wine and played on his flute

the music of forgetfulness

then covered my body with his own

into the night.

In our insomniac hours of wine and wild laughter

you Argonaut are but a shadow.

I wear my crown high in the sky,

it shines over the cities you built

the innocent you destroyed,

the abducted women who suffered at your hands

the horned bones of the monster you have slain

out of conceit only.

It’s the devil I love now Argonaut

you shall never any more

walk into the shades of the underworld

and return untouched

Your night is forever tainted

by the light of my Corona Borealis.

In our insane hours of wine and wild laughter, I remember

You had no joy of me. 

Words and photography ©Malu Baumgarten - all rights reserved

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